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Our community is rich with diverse experiences. Break the Sound Barrier aims to showcase these stories. The more stories we share, the more people we can reach and the stronger our movement.


Senator Rachel Siewert – Mum’s story

My mother has had a hearing impairment for quite a long time although she only got her hearing aids about 12 years ago. Read More »

Victoria Bird

Worth the journey – Victoria’s story

I received my first pair of hearing aids shortly after being diagnosed with hearing loss at three years of age. When I first started working as a teacher I definitely had to adapt – like making sure […] Read More »

Lucy Eels deaf nurse

From a deaf nurse – Lucy’s story

I was diagnosed with a hearing loss at the age of two. I was fitted with the most powerful hearing aids; I did not get much benefit from them and I therefore received my first cochlear […] Read More »

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