Be Heard This Election – Break the Sound Barrier

Be Heard This Election

This Federal election we are asking all parties to commit to a six point plan to improve the lives of people who are Deaf, or having hearing loss or an ear/balance disorder.

Our election plan will help improve the lives of almost four million Australians with a hearing health issue.

Let’s make sure we’re heard this election!

Help us get the conversation started with our decision makers and begin to lift the rug of silence surrounding hearing health, ear disorders, and deafness.

Pledge your support for this campaign by doing the following:


1.Download and print our sign



2. Snap a selfie


Take a quick photo of yourself with our sign. You can make it as fun, serious or out-of the-box as you want. Just make sure the “Are You Listening” sign is clear and readable.


3. Share it

Upload it here, or post it on our Facebook page here. Don’t forget to share it with friends and family, and ask them to do the same.


Let’s get as many signs out there as we can.

Together we can Break the Sound Barrier!

Show your support by taking a selfie