Candidates – Break the Sound Barrier
Election 2016 : Send a message to your local candidates Election 2016 : Send a message to your local candidates

Our six point election plan will help improve the lives of almost four million Australians with a hearing health issue.

Enter your details and we will ask your local candidates to download our I'm listening sign, photograph themselves and send it to us.

We'll upload every pledge to our Break the Sound Barrier Election Wall so we can show voters which of their candidates will best represent one in six Australians who are Deaf, have hearing loss or live with an ear or balance condition.

Let's put hearing health and well-being on the national agenda and Be Heard this Federal Election.

Our Six Point Federal Election plan

This election we're asking all parties to support our plan for:

  1. Hearing checks for all Australian children at key stages of life.
  2. A national hearing awareness promotion campaign.
  3. Improved accessibility for Auslan.
  4. Universal access to hearing health checks every five years for people over 50.
  5. Make hearing devices tax deductible.
  6. Don't let children fall through the gap with changes to the way hearing services will be delivered in Australia.