Example emails – Break the Sound Barrier

Example emails

Messages which will be sent to your candidates

Email to supportive candidates

Dear X,

Thanks for committing to support Break the Barrier’s six point election plan.

Your support is important to thousands of local people who are Deaf, have hearing loss or are living with a ear or balance disorder – and to their families.

I look forward to your continued support so we can keep hearing health and well being on the national agenda and make it a national health priority.

With your help we can Break the Sound Barrier.


Email to undecided candidates

Dear X,

Almost four million Australians – or one in six people – have an hearing health issue, but hearing health is not one of our national health priorities.

Break the Sound Barrier has for the first time united people who are Deaf, have hearing loss or live with and ear or balance disorder with hearing professionals, services providers and peak bodies to get hearing health and well being on the national agenda.

Supporters like myself are asking their local candidates to support the campaign’s six point election plan for better services and supports for people with a hearing issue and their families at school, at work and in the our local community.

The election plan is called Be Heard.

Will you show your support for:

1. Hearing checks for all Australian children at key stages of life.
2. A national hearing awareness promotion campaign.
3. Improved accessibility for Auslan.
4. Universal access to hearing health checks every five years for people over 50.
5. Make hearing devices tax deductible.
6. Don’t let children fall through the gap with changes to the way hearing services will be delivered in Australia.

These are achievable reforms that will make a huge difference to the lives of nearly 4 million Australians with hearing health issues – young and old.

You can read the full plan here: http://bit.ly/1XJQTU1

Will you show you are listening by downloading our sign here: http://bit.ly/1PjDolA, taking a photograph of yourself with it and sending it back to info@breakthesoundbarrier.org.au

It’s easy to do and will show people in your electorate that you’re behind the thousands of local people and their families, who are Deaf, have hearing loss or live with an ear or balance condition.

All candidate photos will be uploaded onto the Break the Sound Barrier election wall to help voters choose the candidates who will best represent their needs.

Looking forward to your support.