Make hearing health a priority – Break the Sound Barrier

Make hearing health a priority

It’s time that hearing health and wellbeing become a national priority.

1 in 6 Australians are affected by hearing loss, are deaf, or live with an ear or balance disorder. That’s nearly 4 million Australians.

Please sign our petition to ask them to help Break the Sound Barrier and make hearing health and wellbeing a national priority.

Becoming a national priority will unlock more funding for much needed services.  These include free hearing checks in our schools, more investment in research to find better treatments, and better community education so people understand hearing health issues better.

The Break the Sound Barrier campaign is uniting people who are Deaf or have hearing loss or ear/balance disorders, service providers and health professionals to demand we be heard by all levels of government.

Join us and let’s make sure our politicians are listening.

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