Put hearing on the agenda – Break the Sound Barrier

Put hearing on the agenda

One in six Australians live with hearing loss, are deaf, and who live with an ear or balance condition. That’s almost 4 million people.

We are campaigning to make hearing health and well-being a national health priority.

Why a National Health Priority?

This will unlock funding for much needed services.   That includes:

  • free hearing checks in our schools
  • more investment in research to find better treatments
  • community education so that people understand that hearing is precious and fragile, and what they can do protect it.

Read more about the National Health Priority here. 

How do we get there?

Australia’s national health priorities are agreed on by Health Ministers in every State and Territory through the Council of Australian Governments – usually known as COAG.

The first step is to get it on the agenda at a COAG meeting of health ministers.

So, we’ve asked all the ACT parties to take that first step.


We’ve asked them to promise to sponsor hearing as a national health priority on the COAG agenda if they win the election in just a few weeks time.

How can you help?

If you add your details here, we’ll send an email to EVERY candidate in the ACT election calling on them to let their leaders know that people with hearing issues and their families desperately need their support.

The more emails that flood in, the more they’ll see how much of a difference they can make to the lives of so many people – of every age.

Add your name now, and let’s get hearing health and well-being on the national agenda.

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Ask ACT Labor candidates to put hearing health on the national agenda

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