Be part of the movement to Break the Sound Barrier! – Break the Sound Barrier

Be part of the movement to Break the Sound Barrier!

In late 2017 a national parliamentary report to the Australian Parliament called for hearing health and wellbeing to be made a National Health Priority.   You can read a short summary of the report’s 22 recommendations – download Still waiting to be heard – Hearing Health inquiry report – simple language

Parliamentarians of all types support this.  So, let’s not just talk about it – let’s put it into action!

Now it’s time to tell people why your organisation supports this campaign. Here are a few simple actions your organisation can take to help spread the word about the need to make hearing a national health priority.

1. Write today to your state or territory Health Minister

Please write to your local Health Minister and ask them to make a personal commitment to hearing health and wellbeing becoming a national priority.

Let’s get cracking!  We’ve written a letter that you can use or borrow from – download Letter template Health Ministers – hearing a national priority.  And there are contact details for the politicians you can send it to –  download the list of Federal and State Health Ministers contacts here

2. Share the campaign on social media

Social media is a powerful tool. Like and share our Facebook page and Twitter. Use the #soundbarrier hashtag when posting and tweeting about hearing health and wellbeing.

If your organisation is on social media, share the following graphics on through your channels and encourage followers to show their support by changing their profile pictures:

be-heard-avatar im-listening-avatar


Don’t forgot to ask people to sign up to the campaign website at

3. Send an email to your member/supporter list

Your supporters can show their support for the campaign as individuals here: The more people who sign up to the campaign, the greater chance we have of being heard this election, so why not send them an email asking them to join your organisation as a Break the Sound Barrier supporter?

Click here to download a template email.

4. Download and display our materials

Download, print out and display our Break the Sound Barrier materials in your organisation.Make hearing health a national health priority

DFA_two-page graphic_C-1

DFA_one-page graphic-1






5. Highlight the campaign on your website

Include the following button and link to the Break the Sound Barrier campaign on your own site.







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