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Disadvantaged – for every good story there are thousands more that are not

(BTSB – it is National Hearing Awareness Week 2018 from 25 February to 3 March.   We love sharing success stories, but we also must recognise for every on great success, there are thousands still in the […] Read More »


From a world devoid of sound to success – Kash’s Story

I was born profoundly deaf to hearing parents, and due to the severity of my disability (sensorineural deafness), my parents were advised upon discovery of my deafness when I was 2 years old, that I would […] Read More »

IMG_1203 Olivai hill

Joy at the Sound of Music

While pregnant with me, my mum experienced a placental abruption and I went without oxygen for 20 mins. I had proved the doctors wrong with only a diagnosis of a sensorineural hearing impairment at age 2 […] Read More »

Price 1

A National Deaf Bowling Champion’s journey through life

I was not diagnosed as being deaf until Grade 1 at Primary School.  I have worn hearing aids all my life since then. I attended an ordinary State Primary School and not a School for the Deaf.  […] Read More »


Lost his hearing at 7 years old then overcame massive odds to get to where he is today

Dan gained entry to a Special Interest Music Program through audition. Now in year 10, he plays Flute and Bass Guitar, he also enjoys extracurricular activities in the Boys Chamber Choir, iConcert Band and has joined […] Read More »


Mathew’s Life in a Hearing World

I was born natural with hearing, unfortunately lost it at 18 months old after the vaccination that got caught Meningitis which is a common factor for people becoming hard of hearing. My life started communicating with […] Read More »


Fear of the Unknown- Lila’s Story

My first child, and daughter Lila’s hearing loss came as a big surprise to us. We knew from when I was 12 weeks pregnant that there were going to be health complications with my daughter. At […] Read More »


A Mother first, a Deaf woman second – Jordanna’s story

Being diagnosed as profoundly deaf at a year old, my parents then immediately placed me at a specialised preschool for the deaf and hard of hearing. From there, I had many opportunities provided for me, I […] Read More »


Senator Rachel Siewert – Mum’s story

My mother has had a hearing impairment for quite a long time although she only got her hearing aids about 12 years ago. Read More »

Victoria Bird

Worth the journey – Victoria’s story

I received my first pair of hearing aids shortly after being diagnosed with hearing loss at three years of age. When I first started working as a teacher I definitely had to adapt – like making sure […] Read More »

Lucy Eels deaf nurse

From a deaf nurse – Lucy’s story

I was diagnosed with a hearing loss at the age of two. I was fitted with the most powerful hearing aids; I did not get much benefit from them and I therefore received my first cochlear […] Read More »


The value of Hearing Aids – Lina’s story

I’ve been using hearing-aids from 1993, when I was just over 42 years old. Being lucky to be the very active, friendly, person that I am, I had worked and achieved good results before using them. […] Read More »


Neither deaf, nor hearing – Liz’s story

I was born with a collapsed eardrum in my left ear. When I was 8, I was provided with my first hearing aid. I was so excited to receive this magical little device that helped me […] Read More »


I bet you wouldn’t know I was deaf unless I told you – John’s story

I was born profoundly deaf, diagnosed at 1, had hearing aids until 10 when I received a cochlear implant in my left ear. I went to primary and high schools both here and overseas. I graduated […] Read More »


Menieres and the road to Hearing Loss – Leisa’s story

I started to have Tinnitus when my sons were 6 months, and it got so bad that I suffered severe depression, and I would rely on the tv to stop myself from crying morning and night. I […] Read More »


Tinnitus and hearing damage – Jane’s story

Just over a year ago I attended an indoor music concert, unaware that night would dramatically change my life forever. My allocated ticket was front row. The music was loud. I didn’t expect it. Not normally […] Read More »


We need more research – Tanya’s story

I have Meniere’s disease and tinnitus in both ears. I have hearing loss in both ears and I wear a hearing aid in one ear. I am not eligible for any government assisstance for my hearing aids, test, […] Read More »


My tinnitus trauma – Victoria’s story

Three years ago I noticed a sonic, high pitched ringing in my ears and thought it would go away. But after two months, many GP visits, ENT specialist visits and numerous ultrasounds and MRI’s, I was […] Read More »

Lack funds for hearing aid – Andrew’s story

Lack funds for hearing aid – Andrew’s story

I have been deaf all my life and live with hearing aids. My wife is also hard of hearing.   We are Auslan and oral speech. We have out of date hearing aids and we are […] Read More »


I survived – Haylee’s story

My name is Haylee, I am 24 years old. I am an Early Childhood Educator, loving partner and mother to two amazing young boys aged 2 and 5 months. I have just completed a diploma in […] Read More »


Life begins at 60 – Peter’s story

I received my first Cochlear Implant in May 2000, and my second 6 months later after joining the Bilateral research program run by Hearing CRC in Melbourne. That’s when the exciting part started. Living in Tasmania, […] Read More »

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Living My Life – Michele’s story

Hearing health to Michele is about making sure people have access to anything and everything they want to do. Her biggest challenge is being able to participate equally in meetings at work – particularly tele conferences. Read More »


Hearing loss affects all aspects of a person’s life – Anne’s story

I started to lose my hearing when I was about 20 years old. I wear a bone anchored hearing aid (Baha), a behind-the-ear hearing aid and use a FM. My name is Anne. My hearing loss […] Read More »


Music regained – Felicity’s story

I used to get so frustrated when people found out I was a musician before I went deaf. So many people would say ‘Beethoven was deaf’ implying that deafness wasn’t an excuse to stop being a […] Read More »


I am as I am, Deaf and Proud – Rebekah’s Story

Growing up deaf back in the 70s and 80s, it was the Great Sound Barrier era but no one really understood deafness or people like me. I was bullied at school for having a funny speech, […] Read More »


Intermittent hearing – Michael’s story

My hearing impairment is complicated by a mild form of Meniere’s disease, and a major challenge is the rapid changing in hearing levels due to varying pressure in my head and ears. In small groups or […] Read More »


Discrimination against movie goers – Michelle’s story

I’m 53 years old with Mondini Syndrome and extreme Tinnitus. My hearing impairment causes me embarrassment and anxiety every single day. Alot of my work colleagues still just don’t understand they have to be facing me […] Read More »


Our Life With Hearing Loss – Haydn’s story

I met my wife, Sue, in 1975. She had always had hearing loss which was picked up at the age of 7. Later she had two stapedectomies one of which was successful and this gave her […] Read More »


Sudden Silence – Lyn’s story

For 55 years I had perfect hearing. Virtually overnight, I lost 100% of it. In the first 55 years of my life, I’d rarely thought about my hearing, or balance. I’d seen people ‘doing’ sign language, and had […] Read More »


Late deafened adult – Pauline’s story

I was born hearing, lost hearing in my right ear at age 32, by an acoustic neuroma. In my 40’s the hearing in my left ear began declining due to another acoustic neuroma. By the time […] Read More »

Woman planting seeds

Sudden onset hearing loss – Donna’s story

Life can be unpredictable. I had studied and worked hard for the last 5 years to get a level of attainment l was happy with, then overnight my life changed. I wasn’t born with an impairment […] Read More »

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 6.35.31 pm

Australia’s only hearing coach – Pat’s story

Pat is Australia’s only hearing coach. She has been deaf since she was 9 and did not wear hearing aids until she was 50. She believes there needs to be much more visibility of hearing messages, […] Read More »


The road to hearing loss – Peter’s story

My hearing impairment was first noted in my mid 20’s and became socially unacceptable in my mid 40’s when it started to impinge on my working and social life. Since then I have worn hearing aids […] Read More »

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 2.33.04 pm

Life with Meniere’s – Beatrice’s story

  Imagine feeling dizzy every day for three years. Beatrice is one of 40,000 Australians suffering from Menier’s Disease. Watch her story and sign the Whirled Foundation’s petition calling on the Federal Government to add Meniere’s […] Read More »


Life and deaf – Kate’s story

My hearing loss was first discovered during a routine primary school hearing test. My parents were shocked to discover I had a mild to moderate loss. I was 11. I was fitted with hearing aids through […] Read More »


Without hearing your world changes – Corey’s story

I’ve been blessed in that I am only partially deaf. I’ve worn behind the ear hearing aids since primary school and recently in my mid 30’s had to have an Oticon bone anchored hearing aid (BAHA) […] Read More »


Hear to learn – Andrew’s story

My hearing loss was not diagnosed until I was in Year 9 where I then was fitted with hearing aids and have been wearing them for 36 years. I missed out on a lot of learning […] Read More »

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