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Disadvantaged – for every good story there are thousands more that are not

Feb 25, 2018

(BTSB – it is National Hearing Awareness Week 2018 from 25 February to 3 March.   We love sharing success stories, but we also must recognise for every on great success, there are thousands still in the dark who are struggling in their everyday lives and still want to be part of Australia.   One of our supporters has shared the truth of the real reason WHY we need to push on with our campaign and force our leaders to take the step forward to make Hearing Health and Wellbeing a National Health Priority.   The talking is done, we want action!).

I would just like to say that all I see a few good stories lucky ones. I am one of the many many many ones that where left to fall through the gaps. I am isolated from the rest of the hearing world. Rejected, made to feel unwelcome in society, as my hearing precludes me from hearing properly which leads to miscommunication. Which by the way is so frustrating dealing with this on a daily basis it s better to give up as the majority people have no clue how to deal with us.

This is my life and so many others like me who prefer to stay in the dark. It is better than the continual suffering or getting hurt again.Untitled design (10)
Resources etc. for the deaf etc. are few and far between cities, towns, and rural communities across Australia, a first world nation.

Born severely deaf, and growing up I received little to no help, as my mother did not want a deaf child. More on that story one time soon, but that is a enough for now.

For those lucky few who do make it there are thousands more that do not. Something is terribly wrong with this. Australia needs as a nation wake up and address this as we cannot keep “faking” that all is well through so few.

Deafness should be recognised as a disability, even more it should be recognised as a national issue. We need hearing health partners to feel empowered to help us, to make sure we are understood what was being said or if we missed something. We need to educate everyone, and one area we need to improve is as many things requiring verbal instructions or messages should have captions in text.

Make text by way of captions a normal part of our country.

This message may sound negative but we need to share the reality of where Australia is now. Let’s stop talking and glossing over the crack and have action towards National Priority soon!

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