Discrimination against movie goers – Michelle's story – Break the Sound Barrier

Discrimination against movie goers – Michelle’s story

Jun 3, 2016

image2I’m 53 years old with Mondini Syndrome and extreme Tinnitus.
My hearing impairment causes me embarrassment and anxiety every single day. Alot of my work colleagues still just don’t understand they have to be facing me or get my attention before they speak to me.

I’ve been told that people have often thought me rude because I’ve “ignored” them. I have a small sign on the counter in front of my desk which reads “Hello, I’m hearing impaired, please speak clearly”. It’s helpful sometimes but most people read it and stop talking all together.
It’s also very hard to keep up an active, enjoyable social life when all you do is spend the majority of time with friends and family asking “what was that, what did he say”? Especially upsetting when everyone laughs and you have no idea what was funny.
My biggest grievance I would like something done about is not being able to go to the movies to see my choice of movie because only certain movies are supplied with closed captions. My daughter arranged for us to have a day out together but plans had to be changed due to what I believe is discriminatory as there were no closed captions supplied. I would like to see it be compulsory for all films.
Without my hearing aids I wouldn’t be able to continue working. Mine are old and apparently obsolete. The thought of the expense of updating them is daunting. It would help enormously if they were tax deductible. Therefore I am on board with “Break the Sound Barrier “.

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