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Joy at the Sound of Music

Jul 11, 2017

While pregnant with me, my mum experienced a placental abruption and I went without oxygen for 20 mins. I had proved the doctors wrong with only a diagnosis of a sensorineural hearing impairment at age 2 1/2. I was then fitted with bilateral hearing aids.IMG_35943

When I first switched on my hearing aids and could hear the birds sing, I lit up with joy. Even now, I laugh every time I hear the sound of the kookaburra’s laugh. I was known to my family as “little joy”.

Growing up in a family surrounded by music, I grew a love for music myself. Having a hearing loss didn’t stop me from doing what I love.
When I was a toddler, a very wise health professional at The Shepherd Centre, who knew my love for music, played songs from my favourite movie (the Sound of Music) on the piano so I could learn how to speak.

I went to mainstream primary school where I eventually became school captain. It wasn’t easy facing the challenges every day, resulting in tiredness at the end of each day.
High school was also mainstream where I also enjoyed playing the clarinet in the school orchestra.
I went on to university studying Occupational Therapy and had many passions along the way that I loved including sport, music, running and swimming.

There were also many challenges along the way including one on the soccer field where one referee had once yelled out ‘what are you deaf, or something?’ But, since I didn’t hear the whistle I had kept going with the ball and scored a goal.

Within life, we all face many challenges. Through embracing the knowledge of our own weaknesses and strengths, we can learn to overcome these challenges life throws to us.

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