Lack funds for hearing aid - Andrew's story – Break the Sound Barrier

Lack funds for hearing aid – Andrew’s story

Jun 30, 2016

I have been deaf all my life and live with hearing aids. My wife is also hard of hearing.   We are Auslan and oral speech.

We have out of date hearing aids and we are also raising three children.

We have no funding for new hearing aids. We are hard working middle class people.

Dealing with silence:we cant hear kids singing and play music; we cant hear DVD, Music, Media editing; I have to put it on very, very loud to feel vibration – which makes the neighbours complain; we can’t hear kids the screaming when they are hurt or arguing; and we cant hear surround sound in recreational activities or in crowds.

Now we are experiencing mental health issues due to silence. We cant live with out sound!

We are not one of those people who are eligible for help – you must hold either a Pensioner Concession Card, a Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Gold Repatriation Health Card (or a white card issued for hearing loss), or be in receipt of a sickness allowance. Eligible dependents of one of these cardholders may also be eligible.

Every parties we advocate and it go back in circle no where I can get access, tell me to find in hearing aid bank which is none suit my needs.

We need four new hearing aids.  We’re better off buying a new car to have better transport for our family.

We do not want cochlear implants, we just want to have hearing aids because it is so much cheaper. It will also save on tax and government funding.

We cant afford to invest in new hearing aids as we’ve invested in our children.

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