Life begins at 60 – Peter's story – Break the Sound Barrier

Life begins at 60 – Peter’s story

Jun 21, 2016

DSC_0005I received my first Cochlear Implant in May 2000, and my second 6 months later after joining the Bilateral research program run by Hearing CRC in Melbourne.
That’s when the exciting part started. Living in Tasmania, and having a love of flying I had numerous trips across Bass Straight, and continued to do this until late 2013. I have had the use of the Spear 3 Speech Processor which was the Primary unit for all the Research that we did, and continue to use it to this day.
But being aware that most of the hardware that I am using, will be redundant in the near future, then I am looking forward to Upgrading to Cochlear’s latest Speech Processors in the future. Hopefully with some support from my Medical Insurance
I have shared the enclosed pic with all my Facebook friends, and intend to do the same with my local MP.
Much has been documented about the effect of a Hearing loss without assistance causing Social problems, and degenerative brain problems like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. I’m sure that having my CI’s when I did has contributed to my Health and wellbeing both Mentally and Physically as I am quite fit at 77, and enjoy life.

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