Menieres and the road to Hearing Loss – Leisa's story – Break the Sound Barrier

Menieres and the road to Hearing Loss – Leisa’s story

Jul 7, 2016

20141130_153512I started to have Tinnitus when my sons were 6 months, and it got so bad that I suffered severe depression, and I would rely on the tv to stop myself from crying morning and night. I found out I had Scoliosis at 22 and during a pregnancy expo I saw someone there who said basically I was going to have a lot of issues as I got older. I got so depressed from the tinnitus and all that I was going through, but the Tinnitus was the worst.

By the time I had reached 39 I was diagnosed with Menieres Disease with migraine and partial hearing loss. So now I face getting hearing aids at 43.

I am so sick of struggling to hear people in the Plaza eatery, or watching tv, when others are talking and I can’t hear the person speaking to me. I can’t hear little sounds that my husband can hear from the other part of our house. I struggle in a small room while everyone is speaking and someone is speaking to me at a hushed tone. Hearing in general is no joy for me because I am always asking to have people repeat themselves, or too embarrassed to say I can’t hear them – could they speak up and I have to admit I can’t hear.

I have to pay for a hearing aid or two and when there is only one income, and with two Autistic Son’s, I can’t afford to do much but feed, clothe and send them to school. So hearing aids that would be tax deductible would be a God Send.

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