Tinnitus and hearing damage - Jane's story – Break the Sound Barrier

Tinnitus and hearing damage – Jane’s story

Jul 5, 2016

ladies_earJust over a year ago I attended an indoor music concert, unaware that night would dramatically change my life forever. My allocated ticket was front row. The music was loud. I didn’t expect it. Not normally something I would go to. But it only takes one mistake. I didn’t realise the damage that could be done from a two-hour concert.

The next day I noticed a major hearing loss and shortly after the hell of permanent loud tinnitus set in. I now struggle to get any sleep without medication and each day is a battle coping with the 24/7 screaming of tinnitus. I’ve asked many friends if they would have known to use earplugs if they went to a concert and all of them said no!
I’ve since learned this type of preventable damage from concerts is very common. I have met others online from QLD to SA who have suffered the same fate – permanent tinnitus.

More needs to be done in prevention and to educate the public about the risk of hearing loss and especially tinnitus from loud music. There are health risk warnings on cigarettes. There should be mandatory warnings on music tickets and at the point of sale online before you can finalise purchase of tickets. There should be warning signs clearly displayed in venues that volume levels may exceed safe levels and hearing protection is advised. Why in this day of high awareness of OH&S and protection of workers in the workplace is it still considered ok to subject the public to sound levels in their leisure time that damage their health without even a warning.
I want my story and suffering to make a difference and to bring about change.

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