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My tinnitus trauma – Victoria’s story

Jun 30, 2016

Three years ago I noticed a sonic, high pitched ringing in my ears and thought it would go away. But after two months, many GP visits, ENT specialist visits and numerous ultrasounds and MRI’s, I was told I had garden variety tinnitus and to just cope as there was no hope to stop the ringing.20160611_002415

I plunged into the depths of despair and didn’t know how I was going to continue to live with this screaming soundtrack in my head. After a lot of research I found great support from Better Hearing Australia(Vic) in Prahran and received counselling, discovered a noise machine that helped me sleep at night and slowly started to feel stronger and more calm in myself.

Together with BHA and Australian celebrity jewellery designer Jan Logan, we have launched a glamorous and meaningful campaign to support those who suffer tinnitus – MY EAR RINGS FOR PEACE. Our aim is to establish a National Tinnitus Support Line to offer information and assistance to those who struggle with this auditory torment. Two million Aussies have tinnitus and don’t even have the luxury to suffer in silence. It’s time to talk tinnitus Australia and help people make peace with their tinnitus and support everyone with a hearing issue!

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