Without hearing your world changes – Corey's story – Break the Sound Barrier

Without hearing your world changes – Corey’s story

May 19, 2016

imageI’ve been blessed in that I am only partially deaf. I’ve worn behind the ear hearing aids since primary school and recently in my mid 30’s had to have an Oticon bone anchored hearing aid (BAHA) installed due to constant blockages in my middle ear.

I’ve felt the stigma growing up of having to wear hearing aids and have at many points throughout my life elected to go without easily hearing just so I don’t have to wear them.

As a kid growing up Hearing Loss was something that happened to your grandparents. There was no information and little support for younger kids, let alone adolescents with hearing loss.

Making hearing a national health priority will hopefully improve the outcomes for partially and fully deaf people like me! Come on political leaders, we don’t want to shout at you, but it’s time you sat up and listened!

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