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Worth the journey – Victoria’s story

Aug 18, 2016

Victoria BirdI received my first pair of hearing aids shortly after being diagnosed with hearing loss at three years of age.

When I first started working as a teacher I definitely had to adapt – like making sure I could hear the evacuation alarm – but I was coping quite well. I previously hadn’t been considered a candidate for a cochlear implant – but then over the course of a year I started to find it difficult to hear in the classroom and it was leaving me pretty exhausted.”

A new round of assessments found that my hearing had deteriorated.

It was time for an implant. I had the surgery over the Christmas school holidays and was back to work in the New Year. I didn’t have high expectations as I didn’t want to be disappointed, but when my dad spoke to me I could understand what he was saying! I said, ‘Oh my goodness, I can hear the ‘S’ and ‘SH’ sounds’ – I really hadn’t heard them well before.

The surgery was a massive success. It’s amazing the things I can hear now – like the sound of the fridge! There are lots of amazing experiences and some hilarious ones too. I once leant too close to the whiteboard and my head stuck to it due to the implant’s magnet, the kids were in stiches!
It’s been a long journey but it’s been worth it. The staff at SCIC Cochlear Implant Program in Gosford have been amazing – I can contact them at any time and ask them questions. In the classroom it’s made a huge difference. Previously I had to have to rush off early to make sure that I got a seat up the front in meetings so I could lip read but now I don’t have to rush, I can sit at the back and still pick it all up!

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