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Media release: Mixed bag on hearing health but now they’re listening

The major parties have improved their policies on hearing health and well-being since the last election but there are still huge gaps in support for one in six Australians with a hearing health issues, an analysis […] Read More »


Our election scorecard – compare the parties

Jul 1, 2016Election 2016

Where does your party stand? Excellent news! All of the major parties have responded to our six-point plan. This is directly because of your support, sharing your stories and contacting your candidates. You can read their full […] Read More »


Our six point election plan – the Coalition responds

All major parties have responded to Break the Sound Barrier’s  six point election plan – which is fantastic news.  Here’s the Coalition response: Read More »


Our six point election plan – Labor responds

We asked all parties to support our six point election plan. Today Labor responded. Here’s what they said: Read More »


Our six point election plan – The Greens respond

This Federal election Break the Sound Barrier has asked all major parties to commit to our six point election plan for better services and supports for people who are Deaf, have hearing loss or live with […] Read More »


Our Life With Hearing Loss – Haydn’s Story

May 30, 2016Hearing Health News

I met my wife, Sue, in 1975. She had always had hearing loss which was picked up at the age of 7. Later she had two stapedectomies one of which was successful and this gave her […] Read More »

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“This is for 70 million Deaf people around the world”

May 27, 2016Hearing Health News

The whole world is celebrating Nyle DiMarco’s win on America’s Dancing with the Stars. Nyle,  a model, and activist for the Deaf community, has shown the world that being Deaf does not need to be a […] Read More »


I bet you wouldn’t know I was Deaf unless I told you – John’s story

May 25, 2016Your stories

I was born profoundly deaf, diagnosed at 1, and had hearing aids until 10 when I received a cochlear implant in my left ear. I went to primary and high schools both here and overseas. I […] Read More »


Media Release: calls for tax deductions hearing devices

May 16, 2016Hearing Health News

Urgent changes are needed to decades old tax rules to allow hearing devices to be claimed as a workplace deduction so Australians who are deaf or have hearing loss or ear and balance conditions can continue […] Read More »


Media release: Australian school kids need more hearing checks

May 7, 2016Hearing Health News

All Australian children will receive hearing checks before starting primary and high school under a six point plan unveiled today as part of a new national campaign to put hearing on the national agenda. Deafness Forum […] Read More »

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