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Media Release: calls for tax deductions hearing devices

May 16, 2016Hearing Health News

Urgent changes are needed to decades old tax rules to allow hearing devices to be claimed as a workplace deduction so Australians who are deaf or have hearing loss or ear and balance conditions can continue […] Read More »


Media release: Australian school kids need more hearing checks

May 7, 2016Hearing Health News

All Australian children will receive hearing checks before starting primary and high school under a six point plan unveiled today as part of a new national campaign to put hearing on the national agenda. Deafness Forum […] Read More »

Alistair McEwen - Aug 2011 - 01

Great news on Disability Commissioner!

May 6, 2016Hearing Health News

The Government has appointed a new full time Disability Commissioner –  and it’s Deaf Society President, Alastair McEwin. Read More »

Breaking the sound barrier for 1 in 6 Australians

Breaking the sound barrier for 1 in 6 Australians

May 6, 2016Hearing Health News

People with hearing loss and deafness are uniting across Australia in a new national campaign to make hearing health and well-being a national health priority. Break the Sound Barrier is launching in Sydney tomorrow. Read More »

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